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Customer Taste Test

Here is a customer tasting our newest strawberry watermellon sauce. Not available yet but coming soon! This is a common reaction when customers taste our sauces. Click the button below to see more.

Beasleys Sauces

We are pleased to announce that Beasley Sauces is now a reality and have key indicators of high public interest as a specialized product that shows a bright sales future .

Brief Background.

(Benchmarks) Kyle Beasley started “dabbing” , playing, researching and developing his technique of “Fruit Based” BBQ dipping sauces over 10 years ago. He mainly was developing his sauce to compliment his catering and BBQ cooking that he was mainly known for. From that point on people would inquire on how to get some more sauce. When I had Kyle do an event for me a few years ago, I did the same thing. This sauce is different, nobody has anything like it and just like me, once you taste it on some of his cooking well…..its all over with. Its all natural, no MSG. and it is good. Kyle and I started to take it to the next level @ 2 years ago and now we are on the market and ready to go. We produce locally at the CC Commercial Kitchen in Walterboro. Currently the sauce is sold by the bottle , by the case , by the 5 flavor gift crate and by the gallon. We have developed a “Country Sauce Display” for retail sales. @ 33” x 22” x 60”high and a “Country Counter Display” that is 24” x 18” x 8” High depending on signage.  Currently we have Retail sales displays locally (Walterboro) at the Farmers Market, Walterboro Cash & Carry, IGA Food stores , BP Gift Shop as well as online. The interest that has been generated so far shows this could expand to statewide as well as national sales within a year or two. Sauces flavors are Blueberry , Orange/Tangerine , Mango , Apple Pie and Mustard. We have more flavors we will be releasing in the future. Sincerely yours, Looking Forward to partnering with you. 

Kyle Beasley 843-909-4487 & Nick Stratton 843-584-1058 


105 Sidneys Rd
Walterboro SC 29488

Phone: +1 843-584-1058
Or (843)908-9785


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